The simple and automated solution for your chemical injection program

We have built the smartest pump controller

Completely Automated

Ability to automate all aspects of your chemical injection process

Easy Installation

Designed to be installed and setup in a few hours without the need of an electrician

User Interface

Control your pumps with a simple interface on the pump controller, your smartphone, or your computer

Full Control

Remotely view and manage injection rates or schedule batches on all of your pumps

Plan Ahead

Remotely monitor tank levels, battery levels, and pressures while receiving alerts of any potential issues

Secure Database

Log, store, and download all of your pump and sensor data


Ability to integrate with your SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) through our web API (Application Programming Interface)

Stay Connected

Our system, unlike other systems, has the ability to communicate with your pumps where there is no cellular service


Accurate pumping, combined with remote management, results in significantly lower labor, transportation, equipment, and chemical costs

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